Dintorni - PisaThe Piazza dei Miracoli with its world wide known Leaning Tower is certainly the most enchanting  square in the city. Besides the Tower you can visit the Cathedral, the Baptistery and the Holy Cemetery.  For more information visit below links;

Opera Primaziale Pisana

Other worthwhile places of historical and cultural interest to visit are:

Piazza dei Cavalieri, with its prestigious Scuola Normale Superiore and the Tower of Count Ugolino, quoted by Dante Alighieri in the circles of Hell in the “Divina Commedia” (Divine Comedy).
Chiesa Santa Maria della Spina (Church of the Thorn), on the bank of the River Arno, in which was kept a thorn from the crown of Jesus. This relic is now conserved in the Museum of San Matteo, an important museum in the city, a must visit.
Walking along River Arno banks where you can admire beautiful and historical buildings.
Pisa also has many events such as the “Gioco del Ponte“, which takes place on the last Sunday of June, and the spectacular “Luminara di San Ranieri“, where all the buong the Arno River are lit up with over 70,000 lamps on the night of the 16th June, the eve of the festival of the city’s Patron Saint.

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