Pisan Chianti Hills and Countryside

Dintorni - Colline del ChaintiThe hills around Pisa  offer food and wine tasting and wine trails.

Strada del Vino (Wine Road) of the Pisan Hills, for instance, is a trail which passes through villages and towns like San Miniato, Palaia, La Rotta, Peccioli, Lajatico, Terricciola, Lari, Crespina, Fauglia, Lorenzana, Casciana Terme and Chianni.

Another famous route is the Strada dell’Olio (Olive Oil Road), which winds its way among the Pisa hills.
Here you can really enjoy yourself getting to know places where even today ancient traditions of past times, such as the trades of the craftsmen, mediaeval customs and flavours of the ancient Tuscan cuisine still survive.