Near House of Cure San Rossore

Dove siamo - Casa di Cura san Rossore 268 x 175The Hotel Riviera Blu it’s reachable easy from House of Cure San Rossore, the distance is 15,2 kilometers.
It’s really easy arrive to Hotel Riviera Blu from House of Cure San Rossore, because both are in the west part of Pisa center.
By car it takes only 20 minutes, because we don’t get throu the Pisa center, the road is moving.

To succeed to benefit of the climate and the tranquillity of our locality of sea is a sure advantage regarding the center city. To Tirrenia during all the year the temperature is mitigated from the sea. There is the possibility to make walks is on foot that by bicycle.
We are to only 150 meters from the sea.

The staff of the Hotel Riviera blu is glad to accommodate to you and to come encounter to whichever your particular requirement.
We will try makes you to feel like to house yours so as to to pass your permanence serenely, in a familiar atmosphere, guaranteeing however professionality and quality to you of the service.

We want remember you that the Hotel Riviera Blut has a private service of shuttle service, naturally the price for the customers directed to the House of Cure San Rossore will be particularly cheap.

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